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About Tint Cartel

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Tint Cartel was founded by Irving a decade ago in Chandler, Arizona. With his never-ending efforts, Tint Cartel became the leading residential and auto tint company around and in Chandler, Arizona. Tint Cartel also uses state-of-the-art and special cutting system to ensure perfect fit. Because of this, we are able to provide better driving and living experience with Arizona glare and heat to all of our clients.

We are also committed and have philosophy to provide the best quality window tint installations for residential, commercial, and automotive properties. Our expert installers are all trained to install security and safety films that help protect you from smash or grabs for retail, storefront businesses, and business.

Tint Cartel’s process begins with complimentary consultation in which we could provide you information on our variety of window tinting services and how our window tint can help you make your property much cooler and more energy efficient while protecting your property’s interiors.

Window Tint Applications

When it comes to commercial businesses, window tints are used in office buildings and other commercial businesses to improve energy efficiency and building’s aesthetics. Commercial cars are tinted as well to help reduce glare, which keeps the employees safe while they are driving. Window tint may also be used by consumers in different applications to include your boat, recreational vehicles, home or cars. Window tints are also famous with hybrid car owners as they take less energy for cooling the car, improving the performance.

Get Only Top-Notch Quality Window Films

Unlike other tint service provider, we use the finest quality films for our tinting services. With this, you can be assured that your tint will look amazing and last for many years to come. Tint Cartel offers lifetime warranties on every product.

What makes us different is that we do not slap film on your windows and cut out shapes imprecisely. But rather, we cut our films with the use of the most advanced machinery to match the specific size, contours, and shape of your car. Tint Cartel also offers quality business window tinting and home window tinting to help you lower the energy bills and eliminate glare effectively.

What Makes Us Different?

Tint Cartel takes pride from being passionate when it comes to window and auto tinting, styling, and detailing, which may be seen in each job we do. Regardless of the model or make of your car, we can protect it from UV damage with any color and shade you prefer. We have established a good reputation in Gilbert and Chandler for providing outstanding tinting service.

Aside from that, we offer the best customer service and always prioritizing our client’s needs while providing the lowest possible price. Our team of experts has also yeas of experience and we always stand behind all of our works.

So, if you need to make most of what window tinting can offer your vehicle or property, call us now and find out why we make a huge difference in the market.

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