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What Are The Car Window Tinting Laws In Arizona?

Tinted windows may seem cool. It has led most Arizona residents for darkening windshields. But, you may get pulled over if your windshield is very dark. Thus, if you like to tint your windshield, you have to understand car window tinting laws in Arizona. Law applies to each kind of vehicle, yet it does provide a simple way to deal with the citations you get. It depends on how and where your windows were tinned. Take note that Arizona window tinting law may change anytime. So, make sure to stay updated and informed.

Front Windows Tint Law

In spite of what a lot of people believe, Arizona doesn’t have a window tint law. But rather, it has some individual regulations for each window and it’s stricter on what you could do with your windshield compared to what it is with some people. For the car’s front windshield, you may only use a non-reflective tint, given that it’s above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer. Visor strip is the term for the area and it’s the only place on the windshield that you might have apply tint to. Medical are the only exceptions. If you want to stay out of the sun for some health reasons, you may file for a waiver with Arizona DOT. No exceptions are allowed for front windshield.

Rear and Back Side Window Tinting

The window tinting law in Arizona only shows that your back and rear side windows have thirty-five percent reflective tint. Apart from that, you’re free to make rear windows as darker as you want, even if five percent is the darkest you could make your windows at many places. But, officers may still pull you over if car rear tinted windows obstruct your view and distract you from driving. Basically, it means that your back windows have bubbles, smudges or lines and not on how dark your windows. You must note that you require side mirrors to compensate for dark rear windows.

Regulations on Front Side Windows Tint

You have freedom to do what you like with some of your windows. While lenient, the law also dictates what you could do with the side windows. For example, the front side windows of your car should allow about thirty-three percent light through. You may also have your car’s front windows thirty-five percent reflective. You should also take note that the front side windows are passenger and driver side windows you use for looking outside while driving.

What Happens If You Get a Ticket for Your Existing Car Tint?

In Arizona, you will get an Equipment Repair Order. Usually, there’s a small charge you should pay and providing proof that the car is within tint laws. It requires you to get tint removed and leave it that way or re-tint it within the legal limit. There’s a time limit on how soon you have to resolve it and if you get in installed professionally below the legal limit, the warranty will be voided. It must be the things you should know about the window tinting laws in Arizona.

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